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Birth Kits 2

 This Time  Current Events

GHANA    Birth Kits 

The AFYA Foundation and This Time are collecting funds to ship 5,000 lifesaving birth kits to Ghana.  The project will impact the lives of thousands of expectant mothers and their newborns.  A donation of $25 covers the shipping of one birth kit.

GUINEA BISSAU    This Time for Africa

This Time with the help of Josh Duhamel planned a TV series with epispdes aimed at addressing the current problems in Africa, and in particular, Guinea Bissau

This Time  Recent Projects

NEPAL    Earthquake

      Disaster hit Nepal in the form of a 7.8 earthquake in April 2015.         

     This Time raised funds  to provide needed supplies in partnershiip with the AFYA Foundation. Over $250,000 was delivered to the major hospital.

      This Time and the Black Eyed Peas helped raise funds to support the apl de ap Foundation to re-build schools and create educational opportunities for the children of the Philippines.

 This Time  Activities

PHILIPPINES      Puma Celebrity Run

This Time held a run on Santa Monica beach sponsored by PUMA for relief following  the Philippine typhoone disaster.

Bring Back the Girls

NIGERIA   #BringUpOurGirls

     Over 2000 young girls have been abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria.  

   This Time in association with the Malala Fund and the UN are raising funds and global awareness to help rebuild their schools and communities

          CALL Nepal    

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to have an intimate and inspiring converstaion with people you never knew existed until you spoke with them - an ordinary person in a far away country, from a distant culture.  

It is possible !

An intimate cultural exchange at your fingertips.

ASIA    Philippine Typhoon

     After typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines in November 2013, the death toll was over 6,000.

     This Time held a gala raising thousands of dollars sent to rebuild the infra structure destroyed by the severe storm.

This Time for Hope GALA
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